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how much (roughly) should the following cost ?

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i need to fix the following on a 2008 Toyota Avensis T3-X D-4d, 1998cc:

  1. oil change and filter
  2. 3 wiper
  3. both low beam bulbs
  4. EGR valve clean
  5. both front wheels wishbones
  6. both front wheels bearings
  7. one glow plug
  8. front breaks discs and pads

how much should i expect to pay for that ?

i know labour is hard to calculate - so how many hours should it take ?


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The wheel bearings could be costly, but brakes would be easy to do when they do the bearings.

Maybe go for cheap after market bearings, that may keep the cost to under 600.

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are you including everything ?

how many hours do you reckon ?


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wiper is very easy to do u can get cheap at carparts4less 5 min job. Oil and Oil filter maybe 20 minute could cost £70 including cost of Oil and filter. Break discs have to be removed anyway to do wheel bearings including break caliper this may take over an hour if hub nut and disc are stuck. 

For the lower beam, put the lights on so you know where it is, take the Battery out and just put them in maybe £10 to buy both bulbs:

This seems  will fit 2008 diesel both wishbones £60 Make%3AToyota|Model%3AAvensis|Cars Year%3A2008|Variant%3AT25_ [2003-2008] Hatchback|Plat_Gen%3AT25_|Cars Type%3A2.0 D-4D|BodyStyle%3AHatchback|Engine%3A1998ccm 126HP 93KW (Diesel)


I had to guess your bhp but check your v5c for all your car details. This could take a hour and bolts could be tight, maybe you can get the rust off with a metal brush and autosol.

Glowplug is less than a tenner at carparts4less, clean egr is basic diesel servicing.

Some garages will allow to buy the parts yourself. Sorry I cannot be of more help as I do not own a diesel but it could be worse at least the dpf and fuel filter do not need to be changed.

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