2019 Rav4 plays videos

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Something I’m over the moon about but I’ve never seen mentioned in reviews or Toyota info, is that you can play videos from a USB on the screen. Paid extra for this ability on my previous 2 Skoda Octavia’s and just assumed it wasn’t a thing with this car.

The display turns off obviously when not in Park, but it’s good if your parked up somewhere waiting for someone or munching on a cheeky drive thru then you can watch. 

I find it good for long journeys on my own where I can listen to tv programs I’ve seen a thousand times and don’t need to watch to know what’s going on.  90’s BBC comedies like One Foot in the Grave, Porridge, Open All Hours, Red Dwarf, that kind of thing.  Amazing how time flies when ‘watching’ tele  



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Yes I spotted this on my test drive when trying my USB music.

I had a 2011 Yaris though which played DVDs which was great when waiting around.  Similarly, it showed a blue screen when moving.  The movie sound was great inside a car with the windows shut too.

I would add Yes Prime/Minister to your list too.

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