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Telescopic Rod Marker front nearside bumper on Toyota Regius MPV has anyone else got one?


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Hi all,

I don't know what this gizmo is called technically but my 1999 Toyota Hi-Ace Regius MPV has a chromed telescopic 'marker' rod which is fitted on the nearside front bumper panel just near the nearside headlight.

It is controlled by an up-down switch on the dash.

It is very much like a telescopic radio antennae but slightly thicker and it has a small illuminated light on top for use at night.

The idea is that the top of the rod, when extended, gives the driver a clue as to how close the edge of his vehicle is to objects in front when parking. 

I've just fitted four front proximity sensors (sonar sensors) to do this job now but would like to keep the vehicle in its original spec and so linked the sensors to the dash switch for the rod, so that they work in unison. 

To be honest I rarely used the rod in the past, employing instead the 'better half stands at front and waves frantically', method,  but the marker rod did work ok when I put it into operation in the past but now that I am using the switch on the sensors more frequently the rod rises OK but is refusing to retract.  Sometimes I have to get out and press the rod down at which point it retracts fully.  Does anyone know what the problem might be here?  I am assuming that there is some gearing spline inside the rod which pushes it up and retracts it but that a limit switch might not be functioning properly? The motor is working okay to push up and you can hear it working for a while when trying to retract but then cuts out, presumably to protect the motor.  I've soaked the telescopic rod  in penetrating fluid and everything looks clean on the outside but the refusal to retract occurs now almost every time.   I suppose I could simply disconnect it and still use the existing switch for the sonar sensors but I enjoy having this classic vehicle fully functioning.   Can anyone advise/suggest a fix?



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