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VSC OFF/ Engine Light / 4WD Light on

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Hi there,


The VSC OFF light, Engine Light, 4WD Light and Stability Control Light is stuck on - this had happened before and I think it was stuck in 4WD but cannot for the life of me remember how to clear this lights now.  It's just failed it's MOT because of them.

Be patient - i'm new to this car thingy so struggling.

Please please help if you can - all advice welcome.

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Hi. I just had the very same issue and the good news is its a very simple fix. The car requires a "regeneration" of the catalytic converter. Meaning its blocked and needs to run hot enough to clean itself out. Take your car onto a motorway, select 4th gear and drive at around 3000-3500 rpm for 15 mins. This should allow the car to carry out the regeneration itself automatically. If this doesn't clear the lights, take it to a Toyota garage and request that they do the regeneration, only this time they'll tell the engines computer, through a laptop, to carry out the cleaning while they drive it. 

That's all mine needed. No parts to be replaced. 


Good luck.

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