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What year?????

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Hi, I have a Rav4 2002 and I love it but she is getting to the stage where she needs far more spent on her than she is worth, so questioning if its worth going ahead....Anyway, with this in mind I went to see a Rav4 2005, but it seemed to lack the "muscle" my older one has. Is this correct and if so when did the Rav4 go from a work horse to a more domestic vehicle? Thanks Mark

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Hi Mark, welcome to TOC 🙂

If by "muscle" you mean  engine power/torque then I imagine it would depend upon which engine the vehicle that you tried had. If you mean visually then I imagine that's going to be a personal thing.

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Thank you. Sorry I did not make myself too clear. Really I meant the build of the vehicle, it just seemed less robust than my older one. But quite possibly you are right and it is in the eye of the beholder, it just seemed more domestic, than 4x4 ish.

Cheers Mark

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