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1.8 xrs but it’s 2013??

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Hi people, I’m from the UK but live in Colombia, I’ve just bought a 2013 Corolla XRS which is a beauty. Everything I’ve read says that the (better) 2005/6 cars have the 1.8 170bhp engine shared with the celica and the Elise and 2006-14 models have the 2.4 156bhp engine. Now what I’ve found is that my new car (it seems only to be in South America) is 1.8 138bhp vvt-i engine linked to a 6 speed manual box which is shared with the rest of the corolla range. This seems a little boring and my question is, apart from the trim, what does this car have that the other models don’t?? I thought I was buying a sporty car but maybe it looks like a sheep in wolves clothing...

anyone have any info?


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Hi Luke, welcome to TOC 🙂

I suspect though that we can't help as this is a mainly UK/EU forum & the EU didn't have the Corolla that you have.

If you can't speak Spanish perhaps try to find an US forum? There is but it doesn't seem too busy .

If you can speak Spanish try to find a Latin American forum.

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