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Wet rear carpet

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Auris, and many of other Toyotas are infamous for water leaking in the boot. Yours could be full of water under the carpet where spre wheel should be.


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31 minutes ago, garethpaul said:

Sure this is an Auris, and not a Yaris as in your profile?

The Auris belongs to an acquaintance.

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Don't silicone it, get the proper seals and do not seal the vents that's just a bodge job, the vents are there for a reason , if the spare wheel well is full every time you would brake it would slosh over run under the back seat into the rear foot wells

don't assume it's the rear lights check all around the tailgate opening making sure the rear rubber boots for the wiring are ok


Ideally you need to pull the rear 1/4 trims and find the source of the leak a dusting of baby powder soon shows the path of the water

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I suggest opening the boot, removing middle plastic part (where the lock is), rolling the carpets back, and watching from inside the car as someone pours water on top of it.

Pretty easy to locate the source of the water + and since you have it all taken apart, you can fix it immediately.

In my case it was getting in between the bodywork seems.

A  lazy option would be taking  out one of the boot rubber plugs. heat up a piece of wire and make a tiny hole. Reinsert the plug other way around, from top to bottom.

That way water will drain out (in case you don't fix the actual issue)

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On 1/16/2020 at 1:02 PM, flash22 said:

do not seal the vents that's just a bodge job, the vents are there for a reason...

I assume they mean sealing where the vent assembly mates with the car body, i.e. replacing the foam seal that has undoubtedly disintegrated - not sealing the vents shut. I just did this on a 2009 Auris, the foam seals were in bits. Replaced foam with silicone sealant - vents still function as intended but hopefully won't let masses of rain water in.

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