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2017 Auris - which gen hybrid system?

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I’ve unsuccessfully attempted to find out which hybrid platform the 2017 Auris is based on. It must be at least the 3rd generation, but there’s a chance it could be the 4th generation that was introduced on the Prius in 2016. Can anyone confirm please?

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It's based on the 3rd generation.

There have been no major upgrades, just minor software ones, since the drivetrain was launched in the Mk1 Auris in 2010.

So, Prius gen3, Prius+, Auris and Lexus CT200h have essentially the same powertrain.  The batteries are physically different though, and the Prius+ has a Lithium Battery, the rest are Ni-Mh. 

For what it's worth, the new Corolla has a Ni-Mh Battery in the 2.0 and a Lithium in the 1.8.  The lithium version is lighter/smaller, but is inferior in cold temperatures, apparently.

The Auris engines were cast and assembled in Deeside, but include a great many Japanese components!

If the intricacies of the hybrid system are of interest, then I would suggest investigating the Hybrid Assistant app.  You will need an OBD2 ELM 327 dongle, and an android phone/tablet.  All is then revealed in real time with the additional dashboard of your new display.



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23 minutes ago, Tom.Kitchingman said:

Hi Greg,

That’s very helpful indeed, thanks very much!

Have you come across the site below before?


It’s based on a gen 1 Prius, but most of the info is relevant.

You are welcome. 

Yes, I have seen his website. He's very keen! I just wondered what happened next... Did he buy another hybrid afterwards? 

For a video explanation of the actual gears, nuts and bolts of what a PSD looks like in the flesh, it is worth googling the "Weberauto" hybrid transmission strip downs. He's done all versions of Toyota in great detail. 

The Hybrid Assistant app is free, by the way, and via the Hybrid Reporter app can give extremely detailed graphs and maps of any journey, with regards energy regen,  ICE loads, MG loadings etc. etc. No ads or pop-ups. It was developed by enthusiasts just because its a great thing to have. 

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The whole Power-Share-Device hybrid thing is a bit of a Toyota hallmark now, but this bloke made the ownership of the design a bit less clear:-


As mentioned, yours is a Prius gen3 engine/transmission, but just in different clothes, so the website 'Priuschat' might be of interest to you.

The topic which is covered on this site quite extensively, and which hopefully you are aware of, is the problem of catalytic converter theft, and what you can do about it!

If the car was to be a longer term proposition then you might also investigate buying a Techstream/OBD2 Cable package (£15-£20).  This allows you to access the cars ECUs for diagnostic code readings etc.  The Techstream software is usually a 'cracked' copy of the system they use at Toyota dealers.  You just need a windows laptop to run it on - XP originally, but newer versions run on later 32 bit and 64 bit windows OS, apparently.  This is not an essential tool, but useful.

If you haven't collected the car yet, you might want to consider if you want the reverse-gear warning beeper turned off, if it's not been done already, most people hate it, and you need Techstream (above), or the OBD2 dongle and an app, to easily turn it off - or get the (Toyota?) dealer you are buying it from to do it, it only takes a few moments, and it can be turned back on if you enjoy a ridiculous, penetrating beep invading your peace!

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I also recall reading somewhere that the invention of the power split device was patented by four Californians in the late sixties. I found it fascinating learning how the PSD works, such an elegant piece of engineering!

I haven’t noticed a reversing beep yet, but it’s nice to know it can be disabled if it becomes annoying.

My next stop will be the Prius Chat site/forum that you’ve kindly recommended Gerg. Thank you for your generosity with your very helpful and informative posts. :-)

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