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O2 sensor not working after working on car

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ok so it started with me trying to clean my fuel injectors with a little kit I got online, I took them out and cleaned them and I did not disconnect the batter.  cleaning them involved connecting two prongs to the Battery and I did this without disconnecting it and randomly tapping on the positive to turn the fuel injectors on and off for the cleaning.  the o-rings I got did not fit and after trying to turn on the car multiple times I realized it was leaking fuel.  stupidly used the blue permatex to try and go seal off the leak and that obviously did not work. I saw some of the permatex get into the combustion chamber so that could be a part of it.  after finally getting the o-rings I needed from a junkyard the short-term fuel trim was stuck at 19.5% so I restarted the Battery but it just came back to that same number. It was sucking open loop for a while and gave me a p0125 multiple times after resetting it, the O2 sensor works normally when starting up the car and if I remain in idle but after driving off on the road for around five minutes it reverts back to reading lean and reading 0 volts for the 02. So I know to a point that it works and that it's not a fuel injector I fried because it would be showing lean or Rich the whole time instead of happening after 5 minutes of driving. Does anybody have any input on this? I should also mention I unplugged the fuel injectors multiple times without disconnecting the Battery

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