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Why do nearly all car drivers in the UK just rely on their key fob for security ?

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Hi Guys, guys !, there's something I don't quite understand lol
why is it that nearly all car drivers in the UK only rely on their key fob , alarm or an engine immobiser knowing that if our cars getting stolen the insurance will only pay out half of what you paid for it (trade price)? it just seems mental lol
Why don't we all spend 30 or 40 quid on an additional/steering lock rather than making it too easy for car thieves thus getting paid pennies/trade price from the insurance ?
Because apparently thieves can easily trick alarms and immobisers with gadgets
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Aside from that steering wheel locks around £30-40 won't be particularly effective.

Better would be Stoplock Pro - around £50

Best would be either a Disklok (£109) or a Milenco High Security Steering wheel lock (around £60-70) - both achieved Sold Secure's automotive gold standard when tested by Sold Secure.

Insurance settlements are somewhere between trade and retail. Insurers won't pay full retail price as that includes the dealer's profit element. Exceptions would be where the policy is on an 'agreed value' basis.

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 I bought my Auris six months ago from a dealer for five and a half grand , if it got stolen now I'd probably only get two and a half grand for it. It just seems so mental that nearly all car drivers prefer convience and losing thousands lol.

I've walked down so many streets and checked supermarket carparks and no one has any additional locks eg disc or steering.


Cheers anyway for replying

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We use Thatcham Research approved steering wheel locks on both cars - when they are parked and when they are garaged. Thatcham  no longer test steering wheel locks, but Sold Secure do, and their automotive gold standard is higher than the previous Thatcham Research standard.

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Convenience, The single biggest method of new car theft is via house breaking and removal of the car via its keys which is where most people would also keep the key for any additional security device/s installed.

Thieves using scanners and signal grabbers who tend to steer towards higher end models may be slightly more affected however they tend to have other methods to remove additional steering locks 

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A can of coke and keep your keys in, no signal going through. 👍 Toyota owners worried more about their catalytic converters than the whole car been nicked. , and if your Auris is a hybrid I highly recommend you to research and install a cat lock plus remove all badges that shows your car is a hybrid. 

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