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Oil, battery and diesel filter light intermittently on dash......alternator issues?

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Hey guys

A few days ago whilst driving my 2008 2.5 d4d hiace LWB, after around 15 miles into my journey, my aftermarket double din radio turned off and started to reboot....it done this a few times then I noticed the low Oil, Battery light and diesel filter light flash intermittently on the dash. Every time the dash lights flashed, the radio would cut off and restart. There was no loss of engine power or power steering...the van drove perfectly fine. I stopped the van for 5 minutes, restarted and everything was fine! Today on the same journey and coincidentally at the near exact same place the lights started flashing but then they stayed on! I pulled in and stopped and restarted the engine a few times....lights still on the dash.....then the lights went out and the check engine light came on! I turned and drove home. I then tried to trouble shoot and started/stopped the engine...checked Battery terminal and plug on alternator....belts all tight, etc. The check engine light then went off and the van is showing no stored fault codes and is once again acting and driving perfect with no lights on the dash. No doubt on the next long drive it will happen again and I'm worried I'll be left stranded! The voltage was checked by a mechanic and all seems normal...held at 2k rpm for a minute or 2 and went up to 14.6..frustrating! My research leads me to believe it is alternator related but I dont understand why it's so intermittent.....any advice would be much appreciated 



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