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Rav4 invincible fuel pump and injector issue

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Hi everyone,


just wondering if anyone has heard of or had a problem with the fuel pump and fuel injectors on their Rav 4.

I have 2014 invincible and it has done 40k roughly. serviced at dealers, last at 36k.

recently had an issue where the car wasn't starting, initially someone mentioned it was something to do with air getting locked. got AA to check it and the AA guy suggested it was something to do with the fuel pump, took it to a local garage and the mechanic got the fuel injectors tested at Bosch and now says all four injectors are corroded and need replacing, he doesn't know the cause of it but reckons that fuel pump and all four injectors need replacing. has anyone experienced anything like this. the cars been well looked after, service/maintenance done at Toyota since new so I can't understand how such a major problem can occur with the vehicle. can't understand how all four injectors could become faulty.

5 year warranty ran out in November.

any help would be appreciated


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I guess that contaminated fuel could do for a fuel pump and all four injectors in one go, but that's only a wild guess. It might help others to respond if you were to let us know:

  • What engine are we talking about here?
  • When did the problem first occur?
  • How was the car behaving and what were your journey profiles immediately prior to the problem occurring?

Toyota do a decent extended warranty - typically two years for the price of one - which might have been a good investment last November. Way too late to help you now but it may be helpful for others to note ...

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Very unusual indeed , never seen a fuel pump at all, maybe an injector for a faulty solenoid but rarely all four and again not for corrosion, Rav injectors are Denso so why Bosch to test them.

Where there any fault codes, pump pressure reading, injector compensation readouts ?

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