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this topic to cover all unsolved car alarm issues


My car alarm has an intermittent fault. On many occasions it 'goes off' , each time for approximately 20 beeps. This happens soon after the car is parked and locked. This starts, I would say, between 1 and 5 minutes after parking.

I have been to my local Toyota car retaiter who could not  repeat the problem, and so had no way of rectifying it (I said it was intermittent!)

I have checked obvious things like doors not properly closed. Certainly, when locking I get the standard flasting indicator mesage.

Any ideas would be highly valued!

Many thanks

Russell Ecob

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SWMBO has this when her 2006 Gen 2's 12v gets low, it's like a reminder for me to charge and condition the Battery for her.

A friend had something similar on his mk1 Auris which turned out to be something to do with a sensor in the boot (latch maybe ?).

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Hi Russell did you manage to resolve the alarm issue..if yes wat measures you took mate as am still having the issue twice thrice a day...is there any way I can deactivate the sound part of it..not bothered if the indicators blink but the sound is too annoying as the alarms sound is connected with the main horns of the car..sound is too high and really disturbing for the neighbours. Thanks

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Have either of you tried disabling the ultrasonic (Toyota calls it "Theft alarm" on the RAV4) using the button usually with the interior light switches on the roof (except Gen 4 Prius that displays a dash message every time you turn off asking if you want to disable it)?

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