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2011 Yaris Mk2, Dashboard lights up without ignition

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Hi all, I posted about this problem a couple of years ago but before there was a chance to resolve, the issue resolved itself after a couple of days. Now however it's back and it's been back for more than a few days. 

For some strange reason, when I remove the key from the ignition on a Mk2 1.33 Yaris, the dashboard stays lit up. First the dash lights will stay on constantly even though I've removed the key and locked up the car. After a while, the lights will start switching off and on again like they're on a boot loop cycle. 

Not quite sure what it can be other than a faulty ignition barrel perhaps? 'Engine Cool' light seems to want to flash too on a cold start as opposed to being a constant on until engine has warmed up. I've disconnected the Battery, connected the pos+neg leads to each other to try and discharge any capacitors and left it like that for around an hour, removed and reinserted ECM and ECU fuses (with Battery disconnected) but still no joy. 

I've made a video of the issue so someone can see what I mean. Keys are out at this point.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Lots of posts for this, almost certainly your "ECO-Run Converter" is faulty, search BE-0070T-0514 and see post:


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2 hours ago, FROSTYBALLS said:

No video attached.

Doh, here you go https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mh8mXisWf4JU6Wbp9

1 hour ago, wildtapholer said:

Is the speedo erratic when driven

No issues when driving. Rough idling after I had disconnected Battery for a while but I guess that's the ECU re-learning it's tolerances again.

1 hour ago, Devon Aygo said:

Lots of posts for this, almost certainly your "ECO-Run Converter" is faulty, search BE-0070T-0514 and see post:


Ahh yes, sounds bang on like this. Thanks. And apologies for my not searching. 

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This is what it looks like and takes 3mins to fit, plug and play and only 2 studs holding it, if you know anyone who has a Yaris you could try swooping them out to be sure, but that's what was wrong with ours, the part costs £110 from the main dealers and the part no is G92CO 52031 the old part no is G92CO 52030 the replacement is an updated version


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I have a 2011 Auris which did the same thing. The dashboard stayed on after the ignition was off and the car locked, and I was worried that this would eventually drain the Battery. I replaced the converter assembly part as described and it looks like the problem is fixed. Replacement was easy - just a 13mm socket and cross head screwdriver, but the electrical connector is stiff to unclip.   Note the part number has changed. I phoned Listers Toyota in Coventry and ordered G92C0-52031 but the part supplied is labelled G92C0-52050. I asked Listers and apparently this is the new number. It is now £135.54 including VAT !!!, but I guess I should focus on the money I saved by fixing it myself.

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