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Why does my RSA go red long before I have reached the mph speed limit?

Is it setup for Kmh instead of mph, and if so, how do I change it?

I do not have satnav.


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The system can be set to display either MPH or KPH but it can also automatically switch when it see's an alternative sign. in the UK your model Rav4 would normally show in MPH but can be confused by Continental speed limit signs on the back of goods vehicles and will start to show the red overspeed warning as a result, to correct it go into the display settings select KPH switch car off/on the select MPH and switch off/on this will move all the setting back to MPH or vice versa for KPH.

If your Rav4 was built before March 2018 there is a software update that can improve mis-detection incidents 



Subject: Road Sign Assist incorrect display of speed limit sign
Area of Application: All Markets
Models – Model Codes: Prius - ZVW50 ; RAV4 - AVA42, AVA44, WWA42, ZSA44
Description of the phenomenon: 

Some customers may experience and report incorrect speed limit signs are displayed on the combination meter.

This is because of insufficient road sign database, no function comparing between vehicle speed and road sign value and inappropriate turn movement logic.



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I have the same issue. The local dealer eventually have been told by Toyota to do a 'Hard Reset'. Sounds like disconnecting the Battery and reconnecting - am I wrong to think that?

Not put it back to them yet.



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