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Avensis T25 LED in headlights

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Hi all !

New with Toyota and so far very very happy with it !

Would like to upgrade dipped light with LEDs to improve night driving but as I can see and read even simple bulb swap is a pain on T25.

Had anyone succeed to do so, what bulbs etc...

Thanks !!!

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I assume that your car has H7 bulbs? If so, there are many led possibilities. Cheaper and more expensive.

But...  Most of them are illegal (maybe all of them, depending on where you live).

And even if you don´t care about legality, you may be disappointed. The quality of led light may not be better than original H7.

I suggest you should try better H7 bulbs first? Osram Night Breaker, Philips Racing Vision, etc.

Those are more expensive than regular H7 and they don´t last as long, but you will definitely see the difference!

Bulb replacement in T25 is really not very easy, but when you have done it several times, it becomes easier.


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Hi !

Thanks for reply.

Yes searched first on best halogen Philips/Osram replacement but than found Philips ultinon LED kit (aparently built for projectors) at great price. Trouble with it is general bulb size with "heat management" bits, canbus box and wiring for all.

Installing this kit would mean redoing whole wiring, cuting bulb headlight back cover or driling side of.... Lot of hassle especially when need to revers it all before MOT/NCT. 

Thats why was wonder has anybody done it with any kit and what way.

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As far as I know there is no can-bus in T25. So you don´t need any boxes, just two wires from led bulb connected to original connector?

Back cover is the only thing you need to modify or if you or your friend has 3D printer it is quite easy to make a whole new cover!


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