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Low Oil Level

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Hi - I have a "Low Oil Level" message coming up on the dash of my 2007 Toyota Auris petrol. The Oil level is fine . It only comes on when the car warms up . Its not a faulty Oil pressure switch which is located overhead the Oil filter. Is there an Oil level sensor in this car? Rgs Willie

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Perhaps a proper check of actual Oil pressure is in order. It could be something like a blocked strainer in the sump or a faulty/worn pump. As far as I know there is not an actual sensor for level, rather low Oil pressure is presumed to be caused by a low level.

You need to get it checked before major engine damage possibly occurs.


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If the car has been neglected in regards to Oil changes, Oil ways inside the engine can become blocked or restricted by old 'sludgy' Oil, if this is the case a good engine flush and new Oil and filter may resolve the problem. If it has regular Oil changes this is unlikely to be the problem.

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