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Oem head unit

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Hi Guys new here

 was wondering if you could help me out I recently purchased a 2014 gen 3 facelift prius but it is a Japanese import it comes with a built-in screen with reversing camera but it is all in Japanese trying to find a solution and was wondering what you would recommend I know there are a ton of Chinese replacements but was hoping I could find a good specification OEM screen with some good features
i’m not even sure what brand of  screen  come in original UK specification vehicles many thanks

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Sounds like you might get away with some sort of software update. I can’t see Toyota putting in special hardware. I would imagine by wiping the Japanese info out & then reprogramming the system with the appropriate English software it should sort it. I guess Frostyballs who has helped so many with his advice, including me, would be able to give you an answer as to what I’ve suggested could be done & how you go about getting it done.

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Could try the following which is for a unit with sat nav - 

Otherwise it may need a replacement head unit. UK models would either have a Touch or Touch 2 head unit (non satnav), which you may find used on eBay or at breakers. Sat nav units would be Touch or Touch 2 with Go.

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