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Nextbase dash cam hardwire kit

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This is my first post here. Here is my story 🙂

Bought 322 few days ago. I was trying to connect through cigarette socket but no luck (no blue led o charger).
I have checked in my friend's car - it worked well.
So, next step, today I bought Nextbase hardwire kit.
Found fuse box in my Toyota Avensis 2007. Removed power electric window 20 fuse.
Vehicle's ignition on, windows works but camera is dead.
No led indication on regulator.
I have checked every fuse in the box but camera is dead, not charging.
Cigarette socket does not work aswell.

Any ideas?
Thanks, Johnny.

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I use a Nextbase 222X front and rear camera for a year now, and everything works. It's plugged into the cigarette socket with no issues. You must have a power issue, because the camera worked in another car. Not seeing your particular set up, I have seen poor installations by a well known retailer outlet! I looked at the hardware solution, but the fuse cover won't fit back, and could get lost. Does the cigarette socket work - try plugging in something else that is known to work. Test the camera in another car with working socket. If that works then the issue is your car electrics. 

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Hi Konrad,

Thanks for reply. I found second fuse box (on the passenger side) and I have tried couple times but it does not work.  Looks like hardwire does work but it does not charge my camera. Anyway, I exchanged bad cigarette socket fuse and now got power from there. I will keep looking and will post some updates later.





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The second generation Nextbase dashcams had a few upgrades - switch to MP4 codec, Battery tech, the plug-in adapter senses car Battery strength. I had the first generation Nextbase (212), and it was good, but not having Wi-Fi and using .MOV video format meant using a special viewer on my phone or getting onto a PC to edit and convert. The Nextbase 222 uses MP4 video format, and I can transfer to my phone using a USB cable or card reader, then view and edit without downloading any extra app! The power adapter will shut off the power, if the car Battery falls below a set current level. It happen to me when my marginal car Battery went flat, whilst I was test the new install at the time. 

I looked at the hard wire option and a few things that put me off are - I want the fuse cover lid to be in place, due to the car using really small low profile micro fuse, insurance at the time will treat it as a modification unlike plugging it to a power socket! 

Earthing is also critical! 

Your car electrics and the power socket (cigarette lighter) needs to looked at carefully.   

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