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VSC and TRC lights came on then Car died while driving

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Hi Can anyone help I have a 2009 D4D Avensis, while driving yesterday the VSC and TRC lights both came on, then the car fully died with all electrics shutting down, now all that's working on the dash is the Oil warning light, even when you remove the key the Oil light stays on, has any one else seen this problem before, the car is fully dead, i switched Batteries today and still nothing 

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I had a similar problem with a T25 D4D, the same warning lights came on but it was Battery charging light that stated on.After an AA visit no fault could be found however about 6 months later the same lights came on and all the warning lights and it was then diagnosed with a faulty alternator.But to be honest I have never found the Toyota warning light system to be even remotely accurate.

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15 hours ago, Neil Mann said:

Thank you Jimtaxi for your reply, the problem got sorted last night, it was an earth cable under the battery tray that had corroded and came away from the cars body, I re earthed the cable and now the car is driving again 🙂


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