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2004 Yaris AC compressor replace

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Hi! I own a 2004 Yaris 1.3 petrol (64 kw / 87 hp) car, and the AC compressor has started to make a terrible sound. I was advised to replace it, but after 2 days spent searching I'm still confused about which one I should buy. I took a picture of the current one, manufacturer, compressor ID, etc on it. I found out that there are several different types of compressors for even one model. 

For example on mine the brand is Denso and the compressor ID is 5SE09C. On a webshop I also found one, brand is the same(Denso) but ID is SCSA06C. There are also some other types with ID 5SER09C. ?

I hope that someone here can help me and tell me the difference or even the right choice.

Thank you in advance!


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Be careful when you do find your replacement. An AC pump is not something you can bolt off then bolt on. The whole system needs to be flushed and cleaned before reassembly as old pumps often leave debris in the system when they destroy themselves. This debris will quickly destroy your new pump when used again, leaving you where you started. Have you checked that it's not just the electronic clutch on the front of the pump that has failed, I know these can be changed leaving the pump in place, not sure on yours but could save a lot of money if possible.


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