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RAV4 Excel 2020 - caring for beige leather seats

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I have a 2020 Excel with beige leather seats. They’re a very practical colour and make the interior look fabulous, almost Lexus in terms of quality, and I’d like to keep it that way. Does Toyota recommend any particular type of leather care product for these particular seats?  I’m aware that there are quite a few methods used to produce leathers of different quality and what is right for one might not be good for another.

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First check if your leather is real leather. I have a mk4 2017 and mine is real leather but I read that the new model has eco-leather which may make a difference when it comes to maintenance. 


From my own experience of 3 years old cream leather - it looks great if you look after it. I have 2 kids and 55k km on the clock and it still looks like new. 

I have a pack of leather cleaning tissues in the glovebox for a quick wipe when needed. 

Once a month I clean the seats with Autoglym leather cleaner spray and apply a thin layer of Autoglym care Balm. Good leather microfibre cloth helps. 

 Every 6 months a do a deep clean with Gliptone products - cleaner, dye stain remover and apply a sealant. 


Things to keep an eye on is denim stains, clean them as regularly as possible, if you leave them for too long they are tough to clean. 

Also if you have kids and baby seats buy a seat protector mat. It will protect your leather from damage caused by baby seats. 

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