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Injector Recondition

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Hi, i have just become a nee proad ownee of a 2009 HiLux. There a few jobs that i need to do on it. The first one i want to get done is sorting out the injectors, they are in decent shape dont need to replace them. Any chance someone knows of a place that does injector recondition and does it well, ive no problem taking them out myself and sending them off, thatll save me a couple of quid. Cheers.

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Obvious I'm not going to be able to answer where to go as I'm in Australia, but heads up I've used a small amount of acetone in my diesel since dot. My 1994 has had the injectors looked at at 100k, 200k & 300k kilometers and they have always commented they look perfect and have never needed touching. It now has 345,000 on the dial. Its the major ingredient in injector cleaner, but far cheaper buying a litre of acetone from the hardware. I add about 50 mills for my 120 litre tank each time I refill, you could easily halve that if a standard fuel tank. As well as being a degummer, it makes diesel burn better. If your high pressure injectos deal with injector cleaner then there will be no issues using it in small quantities like 25mils per tank. Just thought I'd share.

Cheers, Darrie

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