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Yaris XP21 Space Saver Spare Wheel

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Hi folks,

I'm interested to upgrade from my Yaris XP13 to the new Yaris XP21.
Unfortunately in Germany it does not come with a space saver spare wheel, in UK this should be a standard equipment.

I consider a spare wheel as a must-have equipment. In my opinion, a repair kit is a bad joke.

Would anybody be so kind, to post the size of the space saver spare wheel.
The Prius 4 has the same wheel dimensions, the same bold pattern and the same centre bore.
I suppose it should be either 125/70R17 or 125/80R16. Space saver spare wheels for Prius are available at the German second hand market.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hello Peter, bear in mind my Yaris is a 2014. It has 15" wheels (R15) and the space saver is T - 125/70 R16. I don't know which models are supplied with a space saver or compressor/goo in the U.K.? Mine did not have a spare when purchased and as part of the sale the dealer provided a space saver and kit.

Somebody may come along and provide the size for the latest models.

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Thank you for the answer.

I need the size for the new Yaris XP21, as the new model has different wheel sizes compared to the old XP13.

In the UK price list of the new XP21 a space saver spare wheel is specified for all grades, from Icon throughout to Lounge Edition.

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I bought a Lexus CT200 sparewheel  125-70-/17  ( its 5x100 ) and a complete jack from a prius and it all fits fine only you can't use the Towhook from the Prius.

It was al second hand and it cost me all together € 90




reserve wiel Yaris 2021  r.jpg

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While you wait for an owner with the new car to have look at his tyre, this website is good, especially the linked pages here:-

Your one :                    https://www.wheel-size.com/size/toyota/yaris/2021/      

What went before :    https://www.wheel-size.com/size/toyota/yaris/2018/    

Looks like they might have the same size safety spare, or maybe I'm misreading this?


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Hi G6-R,

thank you very much for your information!

I'm a bit confused, that you had to buy a second hand spare wheel. In the price list of Toyota UK


The space saver spare wheel is definitely marked as "Standard" equipment.


I just saw, that your location is also Non-UK, at the first look I only recognised LAUNCH EDITION, which is avaiable in UK.

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I'am from the Netherlands and olso in the Netherlands we have the little compressor for a flat tyre🙄

Thats not the way i want to travel FAR, thats why i bought a spare wheel

Offset is 45

Yaris Launch Edition 2021.jpg

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