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Specific Battery charger?

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Hi all,

I have a standard 2010 IQ1 and recently had a new Battery put in before Winter.

No problems with that, only thinking further down the line, does Mr T do a specific IQ Battery charger, or are any/all 3rd party chargers suitable to trickle charge/top up...

Does it need to be a minimum requirement, as some chargers are saying suitable up to 3L. I take it these are all ok ?!?

Also, if I take it abroad, would a standard plug adapter work fine for charging the Battery again (with the same charger obviously).

 Thanks for any help 


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Toyota doesn't do a Battery charger. Parts-King has started stocking Ring solar Battery maintainers - see his posts in the following topic:

Some members also use CTEK chargers.

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I thoroughly recommend the CTEC, as it monitors your Battery for volt drop, and has the ability to recondition heavily depleted batteries, and solve battery-related problems.  It also has a fast charge feature for AGM batteries, and can do motorbikes & quads too. It comes with crocodile clips, as well as a semi-permanent clip that you can fit & simply plug into your charger if used regularly. 

it’s just a brilliant piece of kit


i bought from here in first lockdown: https://www.tayna.co.uk/battery-chargers/ctek/mxs5-0/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlLGG6uKR7gIVt4BQBh3LJQigEAQYAyABEgJ37fD_BwE

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Agree, CTEK mx5-0.  This can be wired in with a short lead and then plug in the charger as required.  If you need a longer lead from car to charger you can get a 2.5m lead.  

Don't bother with the CTEK Comfort connector.  This tells you the state of charge - Green OK, Red need charging, and Yellow OK.  I used this for a week.  Invariably when I opened the bonnet it was red.  After a journey it was often yellow.  The question is, was it yellow just below green or just above red?  You have the hood open, use a voltmeter and charge if required.

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I agree, CTEK. I have the 7 version (because of the lump fitted in our other car.) That needs a top up if it's not being used every 2 weeks. So I bought a second rats tail and simply swap the CTEK between each car. During these testing times when the cars aren't being used, it does no harm to top up the batteries over night.

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Hi Darth IQ73,

If you do purchase a CTEC charge and wish to have the Comfort Indicator I have a spare one you would be welcome to. 

Would just need an address where to send it.


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At £60, if the Halfirds is a CREK 5 badged Halfords that would be fine, if not then I would go for the CTEK 5 at £66 from Tayna, Abergele - available on line and 48 hour delivery.

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