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IQ bumper replacement

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I've recently acquired a Toyota IQ, however the front bumper has about 5 big cracks in it. I would guess £80 to repair and probably another £100 odd to paint. 

I can't seem to find a used OEM Toyota bumper in good condition and looking on ebay there's some knaquered ones going for around £100 which seems crazy against the cost of new. 

I'm stuck in two minds whether to get a new genuine one from Toyota for just under £200, or get a new insurance approved one off eBay for around £80 delivered. 

Heres the one I found: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-iQ-2009-ON-FRONT-BUMPER-INSURANCE-APPROVED-READY-TO-PAINT-NEW-/224212251366?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292

Doubt mine is worth the effort of repairing and then get painted again. 

Has anyone gone down the aftermarket route and can recommend one? Hate to order one and I end up with a dreadful fit and panel gaps. 

Or am I better off spending more to get the genuine one directly from Toyota? 

Any input appreciated 


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Go with the oem one, pattern parts rarely fit perfectly and usually require more prep and fettling to get them right

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Yeah that's what I was thinking, going down the OEM path is the easiest option. 

Unless someone on here can recommend a tried and tested alternative? My car needs a few bits & pieces and want to keep the costs down to a minimum.

I have needed various IQ bits and its near on impossible to get any used parts from a scrappy or these salvage search sites , its crazy but I've found its actually cheaper to buy brand new parts from Toyota 

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I agree with you Daniel, I too have found parts hard to get hold of.

What parts are you wanting? 

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I might need a new slam panel and the top panel, along with the plastic clip-on surround.

Definitely need to order a new bumper from somewhere ? Poss get direct from Toyota

I did need a bonnet latch mechanism, rear wiper arm - got both off ebay

Also needed washer bottle & air filter housing - ordered from Toyota directly as was cheaper than buying used.

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