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Where I can find co2 figures for Japanese import cars

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Hi everyone! I just  imported Toyota Camry ACV40 and trying to register it. 

Does anyone know where to find co2 emissions figure and towing mass.

Would appreciate any help! 

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Car will be 10 years old in mid March ,so in theory yes, but I can wait till March if I can get away without iva test.

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IIRC you will need a MOT to get it registered, the Co2 isn't relevant as it's a flat rate of £155 under 1549cc or £255, towing weight is N/A as it's not a type approved vehicle

It may not be technically legal to tow with an import


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Yes, that's right, Bob....I researched this 5 years ago when I was buying an imported Japanese vehicle (just in case I wanted to tow)...and came up with the same information.

Technically illegal...BUT, I know/have known many owners who have fitted tow bars and used them for towing.

It seems that it is just not "policed" ...I never did have a tow bar fitted.l!

Not sure what that does to insurance should you have the misfortune to have an accident whilst towing.?

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