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Problem with lights

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I have Toyota auris 1.4, 57 reg. my position lights and fog light stopped working.

I checked all fuses in main fuse box next to the Battery and them all good. 

I was read that is another fuse box somewhere, but I can’t found it.

Can someone help me, please?

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There are two additional fuse boxes - under the instrument cluster and behind the glovebox.

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I founded these fuses, but all are good.

Someone now maybe what could happen.

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It might help if you explain exactly which lights are not working - do you mean both tail-lights and rear fog light or other lights ?

Also, are you sure that it is no just a case of the bulbs failing rather than a fuse ?. One light might have failed a while ago and you didn't notice until the next one failed ?. I know this may sound silly but I was dragged into sorting a car where both headlights had stopped working and the lady owner had been advised that it was an electrical problem or a fuse - it wasn't, both headlight bulbs had failed.

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Back lamp was licking. When my wife switched on lights, I was hear spark on this BACK lamp (I was put bag to the boot) She was switch off lights immediately. When I was check lamp, I spotted that case is wet. I cleaned all and dry out, but lights didn’t work again. Its not power going to lamps.

not working:

rear/front position lights

rear/front fog lights

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