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2019 Auris rear wheels mudguard set problem

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Hello folks!
I bought a 2019 (model year) Auris last year. Some days ago I noticed front mudguards of the 'rear-wheels' set, mounted, do not seem to be original ones because rear fender liners are loosened from their position. Consequently dirt from rear wheel goes behind them and I am concerned about potential rust issues. After my complaint, a dealer I had bought the car from (authorised Toyota one), responded this is normal and prevents from mould growing. I do not believe those statements.
It seem Aurises are rear in my area so I cannot see what set they have.
I ask owners of 2nd generation Aurises to what set you have.

According to research, these should be original shape. Am I right? Please help and thanks in advance.



There are some photos of problematic flaps ans dirt behind loosened fender liners.






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Your car looks to have the same mudflap/deflector fitted in front of the rear wheels as is fitted to our car.  I can see why you think it is the wrong one; this piece of plastic is quite unimpressive, and not very strongly attached to the body.

Something to look out for, if one of these attachments is struck in the normal course of driving and parking (I think a stubborn tuft of grass might be enough), then it can become loose.  It will then rattle and vibrate without you knowing, and slowly rub through some of the nearby paint, which if left unfixed will present a rust problem!  It's a part that is more befitting of a cheap bicycle, not the underneath of a car.

It can be made more secure by finding some slightly thicker self-tapping screws to replace the original ones, which strip out amazingly easily, even when you you have a respect for the weakness of it.

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Yes, original. On the previous model Auris these are larger and cover nicely part of the carpet liners , looks much better than these ones. Perhaps you can try to clean wheel arches and secure the liners by yourself. Here you can see the part numbers and how they look https://japancars.ru/index.php?route=catalog/toyota&mdf_id=7122&area=EU&cat=166520&blk_id=6101

and here are the mudguards if you would like to look for number for future purchase. 

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So it is a failed design of simple things. It is going to be challenge cleaning all the dirt out.

What about those? Are they for 2nd generation of Auris too? They seem to fit better.



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27 minutes ago, Tigit said:

Are they for 2nd generation of Auris too?

Looking at them briefly, I think that these are for the back of the front wheel arches, and the back of the rear wheel arches, so not directly replacing your rather flimsy ones.

Like these ones on an estate (not my photos):-



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As above the part you show is in the front of the arch and is not a Mudguard, Mudguards as you include in your post are as above fitted to the rear of the arch.

The piece you show is a factory part & actually an air guide which is intended to divert the airflow ahead of the wheel and are supposed to reduce noise.



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