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Auris 1.8 Hybrid - Brake Booster and Brake Booster/ASB Pump Assemblies failed

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Hi All,

New to this forum so be gentle, I own Toyota Auris 2014 1.8 Hybrid Excel proudly recommending it to everyone until two days ago.

Have any of you experienced the following fault. 

Over the past year on a few occasions I have heard whirring noise coming from the engine area, innocently I thought not much about it conceding got to be normal with all the electrics under the bonnet. See this link to understand more what I am talking about:


Three days ago out of nowhere Traction-control;/ABS/Handbrake lights came on the dash, breaks were working but not as usual and could not turn the cruise control on, showing warning check the cruise control system which links to the braking system.

Took the car yesterday to my local garage and they diagnosed that Brake Booster and the master cylinder failed, quoting me £3500 to repair it :-(.

I was in absolute shock. On researching this issue it appears this is a common problem where Brake Booster and the master cylinder have failed and there have been recalls around the world and UK for exactly the same issue but only recognised by Toyota mainly with Prius, but is the same part as they are very much identical vehicles. There was recall in USA for vehicles 2011-2015 and most recently UK affecting vehicles 2019. 



On researching this issue I come across that this might be related to the 12v Battery issues. On two occasions, after hovering my car for 15 minutes having had the door open all electrics were cut off and I could not open/close the car and had to jump start it. Strangely while can not start the car have heard the whirring noise coming from the engine area, in particular Brake Booster and the master cylinder.


I’ve raised this issue with Toyota garage and Toyota GB and they are investigating.


Any similar experiences, issues please share it?

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A 2014 Auris will be well outside the new car warranty.

Checking the DVSA website, there has been no recalls for the Auris for this issue.

If the car has a full Toyota service history, Toyota may be willing to make a goodwill contribution towards the cost of repairs. However, a contribution may not be the full cost of repairs, and if they were to agree a goodwill contribution, the repair would need to be done within the Toyota dealer network.

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Yes, it's out of manufacturers warranty.

The local Toyota garage has raised a case with Toyota GB and awaiting their reply.

I thought to post it on here and raise awareness, if there are more sufferers like myself Toyota GB is more likely to accept there is a common problem as they've done with the same age Prius.

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