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Replacing basic OEM stereo (2016) with 2018 Android auto head unit

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Hi all,


I've recently bought myself a 2016 aygo and so far i'm realy enjoying the ride in this fun little car. 

The only thing that's truely missing in the car is a nice head unit with android auto as right now the basic radio is installed (see picture attached). I've been looking at aftermarket head units to replace the stereo, but after reading this forum i've decided to go another direction and get me an OEM head unit with android installed. I've actualy managed to find one at a local breaker (see second picture attached) but i've got a question about installing the unit..


I know it's a perfectly doable straight swap with the navigation unit from the 2016 aygo's, but so far i've not been able to figure out if it's possible to swap the basic stereo with this head unit. Does anyone here know if this is a plug and play install?



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"Just google for images of the back, dummy!", feel kinda stupid i didn't think of this myself -_-'

So it seems all should fit making this an "easy" swap.. Guess i'll give it a go. (managed to find one at €250)

Did just think off a different problem tho... As far as i know my 2016 doesn't have a microphone build in.. Do you know if it's possible to connect a bluetooth microphone to the head unit?

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The 2020 stereo version that flash22 mentions on eBay is WAY WAY overpriced.

I got mine from a breaker out of a 2019 Aygo for about £250, which based on my research and waiting for one to come up, is about the going rate for these units.

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If you just want to play music from the mobile or usb stick then one of these little units worth a look, also does phone calls.

Saved us ££s doing a head uint swap.


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If it has bluetooth, it has the microphone


That's what forums are all about people have different solutions to solve problems or look at an issue another way - A common one is when looking for parts on the likes of eBay use the word breaking, EG. "Breaking 2016 Aygo" and if you sort that by distance you may find one local

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