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Engine Dies Below 1,500 rpm

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Hi, hopefully someone can give an advise.

When I start my Aygo & it then cuts out immediately. However it will keep running but only if I keep the revs somewhere between 1500-2000 rpm (or higher).


'14 Aygo with the 1.0 petrol engine (the mk1 model).

I changed the Oil + Oil filter on Sunday (I do basic service on on my own cars), and also replaced the filter for Oil control valve (part no 1567821010).

Then went to take full tank of Esso fuel (there was about 1/5 in tank).

Drove 30miles around city = fine.

Drove 50miles at 60-70mph in the evening = fine.

Tried to get to work today (Monday) = cut out. Started fine but only managed to drive ~200 yards.

I tried to charge up the Battery = fully charged.

All wire connectors in engine bay seems fine.

Been using same petrol station for past few years.

What could it be??

Didn't have enough time to investigate in the morning, as work was calling...

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There's a bypass in the throttle body that has to be clear for the engine to idle, I've seen quite a few posts on another Aygo/107/C1 forum recently where this has been blocked or partially blocked so I think this may be the problem.

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It wasn't anything related to throttle body but thanks for your suggestion Dave.

The issue seemed to be the wire connector on Oil control valve. I moved it slightly left = no effect, moved right = it worked & my Aygo is like new! 🙂

Longer story:

I went again in the evening to fix my car as I need it for work. The MIL light was on so that grabbed my attention (I don't think it was there in the morning). I grabbed my cheap scanner & it threw P0011 error code. I googled for that & there's quite a lot of info related to VVT/oil change/etc... But because I changed filter for OCV I knew the issue must've been around "that area" of the engine. When I was doing the service I disconnected the OCV wire to gain better access to unscrew the filter. Plugged the wire back it, but my Aygo likes it the soft way...(!).

So, if your Aygo stalls, gives rough idle along with P0011 after OCV filter (drive belt too) change then check the OCV's wire.

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