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toyota auris 1.8 hybrid 2011 noise

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Hello i have a toyota auris hybrid 1.8 petrol 2011. Very loud and strange noise come from the car last night. Anyone have any idea or similar problems. The car just has the full service done in Toyota.  Mileage on clock 66 300. 

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Hi and welcome to the forum. 
This noise usually comes when you have an engine knock caused most likely by blocked egr and or moisture in the fuel. You will need to clean your egr, egr cooler, egr pipe, intake manifold, throttle body, maf sensor and pcv valve. All needs to be dismantled from the car, cleaned thoroughly and put back together. You only need one gasket for the intake and 3-4 sprays egr cleaners. There are many videos on you tube how to do that. I can see someone has started to work on the car already, make sure you watched few times all videos available to familiarise yourself with the process. Here is the video that explains how to, that guy has many helpful videos how to do it so best to check it out. 
Before you start with all that to prevent further engine knocking best to use some redex injector cleaner in the fuel and when you in the car and noticed knocking again just press accelerator to rise the rpm and the knocking will disappear. One more important think: never switch off your car when engine is running, and if you start the car when cold let it run for at least 5 min before you turn off again as turning on and off just after a minute or two usually cause this noise and knocking to appear. 
Good luck 👍


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1 hour ago, Dessy Kirova said:

Thank you Tony. thanks for your comprehensive answer

You are welcome 👍

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