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D-CAT white/blue smoke

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Hi forum

I have tried other forums without luck, so i will try this one. Long story short my 2007 avensis d-cat (273000 km) is smoking when its reaching its operating temperature in both city driving and motorway. Following has been done to the car within the last 15000 km.
- new headgasket
- 2 new main injectors
- dpf cleaned (removed and send to professional dpf cleaning company
- both temperature sensors inside dpf have been replaced with new ones
- new original 5th injector and cleaning of the injector housing/channel
- egr and intake manifold cleaned

The car is not consuming any Oil or coolant.

The only time the car isnt smoking is when im driving on the motorway with 120 km/h with around 2000 rpm.

Ive tried 2-3 mechanics who arent sure what the cause is. Some say turbo some say injectors. Im thinking sensor, connector or wiring issues. Ive collected some data with techstream and I was thinking maybe a friendly soul would have a look at them and maybe tell me if something looks completely wrong. I would be very thankful.

Car Data.xlsx Car Data2.xlsx

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Subject: White smoke from exhaust, DPNR only (D-CAT)

Models: RAV4, Avensis, Auris, Corolla Verso

Model codes: ALA30, ADT251, AUR10, ADE157

DESCRIPTION OF PHENOMENON Some customers may explain about white smoke from the exhaust.

PRODUCTION CHANGE The ECU software has been improved.


Looking at your data the feedback volume of your 5th injector is greater than 1.4 which would indicate a new 5th injector

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Hi Devon

Thank u for replying

Well the funny thing is that I had the same value with the old injector. Could it be a connector or wiring issue?

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Looks like there has been a modification on the car back in 2014. Also today I discovered this fat white wire in the fuse box. Does anyone have a clue of what it could be?




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I have smoke during warm up and afterwards when the engine is warm. When I unplug and plug back the “efi main 2” fuse than I have no real smoke for a couple of days. Before I unplug the fuse my Exhaust Fuel Addition FB value is 1,45 and after I plug it in it’s 1. When I get smoke after a couple of days the value is again higher than 1

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