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BSM not working on Camry (2018). Possibly needs calibrating?

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Hello, I have bought a second hand Toyota Camry (US model, 2018) that had been in an accident (rear end). The rear bumper was changed and the previous owner said that might be the reason why he couldn't turn on the BSM from the menu. Whenever he tried it, the car said there was an error which lead him to thinking that the system needs calibration in order for it to work. When I bought the car it didn't have the latest software update and since I wanted Apple Carplay, I updated it myself. Now the problem is that I tried looking for the BSM on/off switch both in the multimedia settings and in the screen between the speedometer and tachometer (not sure what it's called), and the only option I found is the ability to make the BSM light on the mirror dimmer or brighter (and whenever I switch it the light on mirror turns on, so I guess it works). So no on/off switch and since it doesn't work whenever a car is in my blind spot I'm not sure what to do and I don't know whether the update caused the disappearance of the on/off toggle in the system. Has anyone come across this problem, especially if your Camry has also been rear-ended. Any recommendation on how to fix it? I want to see if it's possible to fix it without going to Toyota's service centre (the local one we have here in Armenia is just too expensive). Btw, if I'm not mistaken the same sensors used for BSM also tell you whether there are people behind the car when you're in Reverse, and the feature still works, so I guess the sensors weren't damaged.

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