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Which fuel is ideal ?

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I recently bought a used Toyota RAV4 Diesel car. Its a 2017 Model. I guess the engine is WW2 model.

I am not sure which fuel should i use? Does normal diesel do or do i use Shell v-power type of fuel?

The car hasnt done too many miles, it has done around 34500 miles.


Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Warm regards




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  • Nebu changed the title to Which fuel is ideal ?

Hi Nebu, I have been trying various diesels in my hilux to see if there is any difference. I tried supermarket ordinary Shell and BP and Shell v power. I can honestly day from my experience there is no difference in mpg I got the same for each of them over 5 days of my 60mile commute.

Obviously there is a price difference between supermarket and the premium brands. The premium are supposed to have additives to help clean your engine etc. If you want to pay extra it's up to you or buy supermarket and put your own additives in. I have decided just to go for Shell or BP normal diesel. Mostly because they are on my route and just in case they are better than supermarket. Maybe others on here can add more technical options.


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From (admittedly shakey these days ) memory. Esso supply Sainsbury’s and BP supply Tesco and Morrison’s. Shell v-power diesel rocks and saved me my semi annual redex clean out on my Vauxhall Vectra 2l CDTi 

avoid winter cheaper diesel that have a higher paraffin content as it soots more. 

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Thanks Spiker and Paul.

Apart from the mileage benefit, does it do any benefit  to the injectors?

Also, I heard from some mechanic that Redex additive is not a good diesel additive as it has some plastic composition and its usually not good for the cars. Any thoughts on what is the deal diesel additive to the car?

With my old Avensis (139500 miles done), i usually add Shell V-Power and Shell Diesel alternatively.


Thanks once again.

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Never had an issue with redex diesel. Half a bottle every 6 months. No more. 

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Allow me to offer some personal observations over the last 36k+ miles of logged data spanning 5+ years. It’s not scientific, but the sample size is large enough that it should be reasonably indicative and I calculate the fuel used against the distance travelled rather than taking the trip ‘conputer’ number.

I get better average mpg figures from Shell and BP diesel than any other brands, they consistently return above average mpg numbers year round. All supermarket/secondary brands (Jet/Esso/TorQ) return below average results, though Sainsbury’s and TorQ are pretty close to average.

My most efficient fuel (in mpg terms) is Shell’s regular diesel, it’s averaged +2.4mpg or +7.2%, but it tends to be priced to a point that makes it not the best £/mile, for that Costco Premium usually wins. ShellNitro hasn’t performed as well for me as the regular Shell, BP ultimate and BP regular are within 0.5mpg of each other, but the Ultimate just wins, again pricing means it’s not used that often.

In terms of additive, I only use Wurth treatments or Millers now, I have tried other options with minimal improvements at a sometimes significant cost. Given I’m heading towards 140K now, flow rate on injectors is apparently within tolerance, but I am due to fit a new set of SCV’s (this will be the third set the car has had in 16 years).

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