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Flasher Relay Location???


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Hi. New guy here.

I have tried without luck to locate the flasher relay. I have changed to LED bulbs and they are now hyper flashing (which i knew they would) but I thought it would be a lot easier to lace the damn relay lol.

Could someone please help me locate it, and maybe post a pic of location? 😅


Regard Mathias, Denmark

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1 minute ago, furtula said:

Thanks. But I only have 3 relays behind the dash, and none of them are the flasher relay. Starting to get a bit of a mystery to me lol

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1 hour ago, flash22 said:

I’m sure its part of the instrument cluster - the easy answer, buy some decent can-bus bulbs from the likes of Phillips or Osram

Yea thats what I've been reading too. I thought I bought some decent ones, but maybe I should try philips.

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