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2007 Toyota Auris (nze151) basic service Q's


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Hi All,

Just looking at doing a service on my newly bought 2007 Toyota Auris (nze151) 1.5L . I am the second owner and It currently has 40K kms on the clock. So for piece of mind i would like to do a basic service. Oil , oil filter, air filter and fluid tops up etc. 
Unfortunately i do not have the owner manual , Can someone please let me know :

- What's the best oil and grade ? Fully synthetic ?

- what's the oil filter part number ?

- What is the recommended Spark plugs. I intend on servicing it every 10K kms. So prefer to use the non expense iridium plus but unsure what part number of those plugs are ? Can only find Iridium ones.

- is there a dip stick for the transmission oil ?

- how do i check CVT oil? 

As you could probably guess this is my first Toyota and first CVT transmission gear box.

So if there is anything else i need to be checking or changing do let me know.


Thnx in advance 



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There are multiple part sites where you go, enter your car info, and they provide you with adequate part numbers.  I just did mine this weekend, and used 5W30 since car has a bit over 100k miles on the clock. It was champion new energy, but any oil that fits the spec will do. Service is intended to be done every 10k miles, but it's better to shorten it down to 6k miles. Air filter is changed every 2nd service. You should also replace the air filter for inside the car (need to take the lovebox out to replace it, 2 min job).

Spark plugs fitted in the factory have lifetime of 60k miles, so you have plenty of more to go.

However, if you still want to replace them, recommended spark plugs to be used are DENSO SC16HR11. 

They are not that expensive, considering it will probably be the only time you will ever do it.

Your engine is not in the screenshot below, since this is an UK/European owner manual, but you can use it for reference.


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