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Corolla 2019 PKSB fault

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Hi, just on the verge of completing a salvage rebuild on the Corolla and ran into a fault whereby none of the parking sensors engage nor does the PKSB system. The front parking sensor loom was damaged but I soldered the broken cables together. Any other things to check for i.e is there a fuse etc? Many thanks. 

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Don’t know if this will help or indeed is relevant but my car was recently hit on the rear bumper whilst parked. It is going in for repair which is difficult in these COVID times but I had to provide pictures to the repair shop. They asked me to confirm if it had ‘side’ parking sensors I.e sensors on the bumper but at the side. I asked why this makes a difference and they told me there is a Toyota procedure/remap they need to follow to reset this system if it has been disconnected. As this needed to be factored into the repair cost, it sounded like it was more than just pressing a button. You might want to check with a Toyota service department 

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Thanks Paul, yes you were right, it does need calibration. Had a little play around with Techstream today and managed to reset the ECU and recalibrate. All working now, thanks to the info above. Toyota wanted £120 to perform the reset 🙂

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