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There are always an exceptions, I am just talking in general and from personal experience. Diesels been replaced now by the hybrids as alternative to the petrol engine only cars. , where better efficiency is the most. Had a drive recently in Peugeot 508 2.0 diesel manual and surprise, I like it a lot actually, pulls really good, efficiency same as my car 56mpg but that after a very long 200mile motorway trip, in town will be less., and in general very pleased with the experience. Would I buy or exchange my Toyota hybrid for a diesel, definitely not. I have a colleagues  that only drives diesels and don’t want to hear about hybrids or electric cars, they claim better figures than me, we are mostly motorways drivers and we cover 200+ miles a day, every day. , sometimes stuck in traffic, anyway they simply refuse to accept there are better cars than diesels. Everyone personal preferences. 😉👍

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I swear in my country there is no petrol 2009-2012 Toyota Avensis for sale that have driven 200000km. All the Avensis diesels for sale have driven 300000 to 500000km and still runs fine. And even the diesels were cheaper, stronger, faster and drives even more on the liter.

Sure they did have problems with the 5th injektor but Toyota did fix that in 2012 and fixed some 2009 models for free and that was the only problem.

Yes i know Toyota make the best petrol engines but from 2007-2011 Toyota did have a issue with the petrol engines in the piston rings in all of Toyota models and caused Oil burning. In my opinion the Toyota D4D and the D-CAT models were better engines than the petrols!

I even own a 2009 Avensis D4D 2.0 myself with 300000km and no problem

9 hours ago, TonyHSD said:

Diesel cars are troublesome in a long run, they have so many components that goes bad in relatively short time, cost fortune to replace, often impossible for diy work, and the savings from fuel goes towards all that., add the noise and pollution they produce, they way they drive and compare with Toyota hybrids and you will see why so many people are switching to latest and why Toyota stopped offering only petrol or diesel cars. Nothing wrong to buy any car with any engine, the most important is to buy the most suitable car for you, your personal circumstances and your budget., follow these 3 steps and never can be wrong. 👍🚘


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