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2006 Verso electronic key spares/replacement


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Hi All, my wife and I just bought a 2006 Toyota Corolla Verso. It only came with a single electronic key.

Do I have to go to Toyota to buy a replacement or are there aftermarket ones? If aftermarket, can anyone recommend a vendor? Is it the same as the Corolla Key?

Finally, what's the process to make the car accept new keys?


Many Thanks, in advance! 

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Don’t bother trying get an aftermarket key is a waste of time.  Had a Renault Laguna years ago spent hrs on the internet eBay etc trying to get a replacement key and getting it coded to the car it just doesn’t happen.

go to the dealers won’t be cheap though probally around £200 they should be able to code the new key to the car using your existing key.

I will never buy a used car with only one key hence the reason you can get a much better price when selling a car with two keys.

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Did you buy it from a dealer? See if you can get them to stump up for an extra key, or at least contribute some money to it.

Not helpful now, but I always make sure the car comes with at least two keys when buying, and make it a point of negotiation if it doesn't as, esp. with Toyotas, it's a right ballache if you lose all the keys!

As for sourcing a new key, just go to a Toyota dealer - I tried to do it with a second hand eBay key on my old Mk1 Yaris, and managed to get it to operate the locks, but never got it to start the car. Eventually bodged it by getting the transponder of my working key cloned onto a chip and glued it inside the casing. With all the faff, I worked out it cost me more than if I'd just got a new one from the dealer! And that was with an older Toyota key type - The Smart Keys like yours can only be sourced from Toyota so I doubt any third-parties would be able to source them cheaper, much less program them...


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