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Stop Start System

Ian Reid 1958

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Forgive me if I'm going over old ground. So I've had my first Auris for a little over a month now and have yet to have the Stop/Start initiate when I come to a halt. I've lost count of the number of times I've read the online manual & the provided hard copy to make sure I'm stopping in the correct way. If I press the button to disable the system the indicator comes on the panel & disappears again when I press the button again. When I stop I get the green "Battery Charging" light on for a few seconds. The majority of my driving so far has been a 20-25 minute commute in urban traffic involving several stops. The Auris is the 1.2 petrol business version, 2018 reg with 20k & what I assume is the original Battery. Any advice much appreciated...




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Thank you Gerg, interesting read, I forgot to mention I rarely use the air con but do use the daytime lights, I'll give it a go with them turned off and also the fan. Looks like it's a system that should have been omitted until they devised a more reliable product...

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I think the criteria that have to be met for it to work are the same as other manufacturers'. 

In the government tests of the time (I'm uncertain the latest ones), the cars must be stored at a regulated temperature of 25 celsius for 24 hours before the test commences, so not like anyone's 'real' usage at all

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Mine is a 2010 Auris with Stop Start and which I have owned from new. Even at the outset the Stop Start often did not cut in when you would think it should. I just accepted it as 'normal' although I found it bizarre I could drive for an hour and it not cut in at all and then the next day it might operate several times before going a few days without working again.

Over the years it cut in less and less.

Although still apparently good I replaced the Battery in February with a new AGM type and since then the Stop Start has operated pretty much every single time I pull up, consistently day after day after day. Doesn't matter what the weather, warm or cold, it just works.

My conclusion is that the system parameters are on a knife edge with regard to being wary about the Battery voltage being to low. The new Battery is 'better' than the original which was an EFB type and not AGM. There is no fault as such, it is just programmed to be to cautious to the point that it is a poor feature with poor repeatability and consistency.



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