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H2 infrastructure badly needed


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In the entire SF Bay Area at this moment, I can see 12 H2 stations.  Only 4 is showing as functional.  The rest are off line.  One of them has 8 kg of H2 left.  Fuel capacity of a 2021 Mirai is 5.6 kg.  This ain’t ready for prime time.  

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For the 3rd time in the last two months our Mirai is sitting idle due to "dispenser unavailable" messages, no fuel, or several 'technical problems".  This will kill the Mirai quicker than anything the competition could do!!! The infrastructure build out needs to happen more quickly, and reliability must improve if this technology is to be taken seriously.  The gas generation process must also change to something that does not involve petrochemical industry.  I hear that  !Removed! methane is being considered--I say "let's go!!!"

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It's that chicken-egg problem really; Even here, hydrogen stations are dwindling which makes it even harder!

To be fair, I don't think hydrogen is the way forward; It doesn't really have any big advantages over batteries. I don't get what Toyota is seeing in it that is making them go so ham on it.

I remember a kickstarter for a home hydrogen generator that ran on solar or wind, and you just had to keep it filled with water, but apparently the legality of such things is not clear due to the explosion danger if the pressure vessel isn't maintained properly, and the output was pretty bad... might work in the sunnier states of the US where you have gigantic 'gardens' surrounding the houses, but no way in this country!


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