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Rav 4.3 vvti manual gearbox, diff and transfer box fluid change.


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Hi all.

Recently purchased a rav 4.3 2.0lt vvti manual with 96k on the clock.  

Previous owner had all fluids and clutch changed some 8k ago.  However there’s is sometimes (not always it seems to go when warmed up) a slight crunch sometimes when engaging 2-3 gear.  

I bought the car knowing this and have taken it to a gearbox specialist who has said it’s either going to be the synchro and the cost would be very labour intensive for dropping the box as you have to remove subframe etc and then dismantling the box it’s self to fit a £50 part.  

However he did say, that the box’s are normally bullet proof and his money would be on dropping the gearbox oil and replacing it with manufacture recommended original spec as he said some garages just put in what they have in stock and some gearboxes don’t like even the slightest change.

So with that in mind, please does anyone know the correct fluids for the gearbox, transfer box and diff?

Ive googled but keep getting conflicting reports.  Some say 75w some say 75-90w. I rang my local Toyota parts and they were a bit unsure as well.   Which was worrying.

Thank you in advance.




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Did the car come with the manual? Just that has the spec in it under ‘Lubricants and Fluids’ from memory.

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