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2003 Yaris D4d P0101 Strange Behavior

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I have a problem with my car. I know P0101 probably means a dirty MAF sensor or a broken one. But I experienced something really strage and i am hoping you guys can help me out. So my car accelerates a lot more than it used to to 3200 rpm roughly. Then it completely and suddenly loses power (almost like if I pressed the clutch in) and I don’t quite know why. I find really strange the acceleration that it gets at low rpm thought. I tried cleaning the fault code and everything went back to normal for 10 km (6 miles) then it showed up again and same thing all over again. I’d really appreciate if someone knew what is happening with my car. Thanks in advance

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If the engine doesn't know how much air its getting it will not know what to do with the fuel

I take it you have cleaned the MAF - P0101 is MAF out of range

You may have an air/vacuum/boost leak

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