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Damaged iQ Front Bumper


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Hi All,

Have damaged my front bumper (pearlescent white), and investigating options for repair.

Notice that one can buy new, unprimed and unpainted, bumpers - not original items, on eBay. They are pretty inexpensive. 

Has anyone bought and fitted these?

Alternatively has anyone got recommendations for a good repair shop in Suffolk? Or share their bumper experiences.

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I had similar issues with my IQ but bumper was beyond sensible repair. 

Toyota dealer sell new bumpers for £200 Inc vat and they will fit perfect obviously, but cost of painting is on top of that. 

I wanted to save some money so got one off eBay for £80 see below one I got. Fit and quality is pretty good, although not perfect as you would find with a genuine Toyota one.


If your car is your pride and joy and immaculate condition, go down the genuine Toyota route if your car is bit battered or your going to sell it on soonish go for the eBay one. 

Cost me £150 to get mine painted but I did get some other bits done at the same time. So all in £230 for painted new bumper. 

Personally don't waste your time trying to find a used one in half decent condition.

Someone might repair it for you and its possible but you have to prob pay around £100 for plastic welding or staples then cost of repainting on top (in my case) so wasn't worth repairing the old one. 

Hope that helps 

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Hi Daniel, many thanks for your informative reply. I was thinking along the same lines. If I can get the dent pushed out and get away without a respray - great. But if I need respray might as well get a new Toyota bumper - thought they might have cost a lot more. PS the car is our pride and joy (although we have several other cars) but it is not immaculate!

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You should of said its just a dent, got different advice but difficult to advise without any photos. 

Personally I would put a hairdryer on the dent, heat it up nicely and try pushing the dent out from the back. 

Plenty of videos on YouTube on how to do it. 

And if it don't work, take car to a smart repair shop. 

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