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Window seal replacement


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Hi all,

My Auris is suffering from what I can only assume is time sitting in the sun aging the external seals between window and door. Means that I can't clean the window of rain by opening/closing it. I'd like to replace them myself, as the amount the dealer is quoting nearly £300 (over double the cost of the parts from a genuine toyota parts place) just for the front windows alone.

Anyone have any advice for how to remove/replace these seals?

Would this be covered on my extended warranty? (I'm guessing not as rubber seals are probably considered wear and tear items)


Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.


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Hi, that can happen to two years old car and very often is not because of the seal damage or age but just dirt accumulation. I wouldn’t bother myself changing these unless they are worn out completely and windows can’t be secure in place and wobble, soon  after the new ones are in you may get the same thing happening and all that makes the job pointless. Just try to clean with detailing brush and some valet cleaners, jet wash and clean the windows nicely first and see if there is any changes for better., if not you can go ahead and put a new seals in, buy only new and genuine from a dealer. 
Good luck 👍

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imo poor quality,mine don't work either.My last jap built Yaris worked just fine for 20 yrs. Don't like the idea that all that water,draining through the door'  Speaking of which need a solid shut to keep rain out.

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