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Toyota avensis

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I have a2009 Toyota avensis 2.2 yesterday I had warning light come on saying check parking brake so obviously didn’t drive it switched of engine but parking light is flashing my son had the same problem when we had a week of heavy rain which we had for about 5 days here he said it’s alright to drive it as it will right itself after about 50 miles but as I don’t do a lot of milage it could take some time to rectify and the car is due it’s mot in a couple of weeks I was told by the dealership some years ago that they had  had problems whenever there was heavy rain any suggestions we be appreciated 

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If you suspect water is getting into the EPB unit, the seals might not be effective. The unit is place high as possible under the car, so you would need to wade a ford or puddle to get the unit wet. Check the calliper sliders for seizing.  Another this to check is the Battery and alternator. I had a couple of warning lights like traction control and other systems that would come on after the engine has started, but since the Battery was changed, the car has behaved itself since.

My car is '58 plate T27 Tourer TR 1.8 Valvematic and has been good and practical. It has had parking brake issues, mostly related to other causes - gear position sensor not securely connected after clutch replacement. Rear brake pistons not wound back properly, so the cut outs were not aligned to clear nipples on the back of the brake pads. This will cause the pad or piston to be skewed, wearing the pad unevenly or piston jamming inside the calliper. This will have the same effect as seized calliper sliders. I have seen this on my car and other makes of car, where the fitter has not paid attention to detail!
Finally I would get diagnostics check. I am lucky to have my own diagnostics tools, but a lot a of garages will have diagnostics these days.

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