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Winding Noise on Corolla Professional 1.4 4zz engine

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Hi Guys

I need some help please, I have a 2009 Corolla Professional 1.4 4zz engine, I have a winding noise on the pulley side, I took it to a mechanic and he advised that it was my oil pump, I had the oil pump and timing chain replaced and did a sump service at the same time, a week later the winding noise start again, I took it back and he opened up everything and all was still in order, on cold start up it is a bit loud, after it warms up, it quietens down a bit but still there. I thought its possiblity a pulley so I removed the fan belt so no pulleys run and started the car as only the crank and cam will be spinning and the winding is still there. Anyone know what it could be? What else could I check and how to check?

Thank you in advance

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