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Toyota Owner Making it Official


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Hi all, 

Learnt to drive in my dad's 2011 E150 Corolla. Only had a 1.3 litre for such a heavy car and hated it at first considering my mom had a 2.0 litre VW Touran which was significantly faster but I wasn't allowed to drive it. Anyway, I drove that Corolla for 2 years because I had no other choice and absolutely fell in love with it and every quirk about it.

Moved to England and severely missed it whilst I dealt with a loaned Vauxhall for 2 years. Recently got back to what I really like and have bought a 2006 Corolla E12 with the 1.6 3zz engine. First car I've bought myself and didn't think I could love a piece of metal so much. 

Anyway, as with any second hand car, it's never gonna be perfect, so I've found myself on this website multiple times since owning it, trying to find answers on threads that were last answered in 2008😭. Thought it's about time to make it official and join the club. 

Pictures attached below. 





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Hi Jason, welcome to the forum. The older Corollas were never meant to excite, just to be a good solid dependable workhorse. The modern Toyota’s are better design and have cutting edge technology. Enjoy the Toyota and the forum.

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